PRESENTING AND PROVING SOLUTIONS - Satisfying needs and differentiating

Those who have been in selling for two years or less, those needing a convenient refresher and those who wish to gain experience of sales techniques but aren't 'front line' sales people.


As sales people we want to maximise the impact our presentations have on the customer.  Part one, Presenting Solutions, works through different ways of presenting our product/service, the impact each one has and why.  Part one also shows how to analyse our product/service to gain maximum understanding and potential and again, shows how to use this in different ways to gain full impact.

Part two, Proving the solution, shows different ways of building confidence with the customer that our product/service does what we we say it does.  This part majors on demonstrating our product/service effectively.

Both presentations are fully supported by comprehensive exercises and notes.


50 minutes plus exercises, divided into two sections that can be taken separately.  To be comfortable you’ll need to put one and a half hours aside for each section to give time to work through the exercises.

£79 +VAT (single user license).

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The material is perfect for a small business that just can't afford several days training with a human being.  It's quick and intensive without being intense.  I've received sales training before, but this was far better than having someone drone on at me.