GETTING ROLLING - Right person, right place, right time

This is for those who need to increase their sales, particularly by finding new accounts but also by growing established customers.


The two parts of the module work through Defining a Suspect and Generating a Suspect Bank, Qualifying to produce a Prospect, Making Appointments and Opening the Call.  There is a well defined but flexible telephone strategy and suggested call structures that are explained in detail, with examples.   These are made very practical and applicable through supporting exercises, putting learning into your context.


50 minutes plus exercises, divided into two sections that can be taken separately. To be comfortable you’ll need to put one and a half hours aside for each section to give time to work through the exercises.


£79 +VAT (single user license).

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I have participated in many sales training courses in my career.  They usually include uncovering needs and aiming to match the product or service to the customers’ needs.  I have learned some useful things from them all but SPT’s STAR and SPAR selling seems to be the most natural and easy way to quickly learn the skills and bring them together.  The online ‘Questioning Skills’ was very helpful in itself. 

STAR selling allows the sales personality to shine through ....