Coaching is recognised as a key skill for all managers and supervisors.  'Coaching Skills' shows how to work effectively with people of all levels of expertise and knowledge and how to avoid patronising at one extreme and over-facing at the other. Coaching in 'sensitive' situations is a challenge.  This module shows how to get to handle these situations and increase the chances of successfully getting people to change.  If you or members of your team need to get others to change through adopting new skills or attitudes this module is for you.


The coaching process is systematically worked through from identifying the learning/coaching opportunity to appropriate delegating.  Receptivity to coaching, coaching styles, when and how to use them are all discussed along with how to encourage people to change when they are reluctant and/or critical.  Learning is strengthened through exercises interspersed throughout the presentations.

There are two presentations each around 30 minutes these are broken up by exercises which take between one and two hours giving a total of two to three hours.  There are two quizzes which have to be passed before progressing onto the next stage.  The course can be taken at your own pace doing as little or as much as you like in a session.

£79 +VAT (single user license).

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The combination of clarity of explanation, and practical examples given, ensure participants clearly understand the sophisticated concepts and ideas put across, enabling them to immediately implment them in their daily work.